Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a thriving niche with an eclectic customer base. One thing that many cannabis users have in common, though, is an interest in eco-conscious living. Some patients choose cannabinoids as an earth-friendly, plant-based alternative to conventional medicine. These consumers often prefer plant-based bottles and other sustainable packaging for their medical products, too.

Medical marijuana in the United States
Acceptance of medical marijuana treatments has grown exponentially in the United States in recent decades. Currently, 48 US states have laws allowing some form of medical cannabinoid use. These laws range from limited, prescription-only, topical CBD products to full recreational legalization of THC-containing edibles, distillates, and flowers.

CBD products were the first cannabinoids to gain mainstream medical approval. Now research is starting to prove the health benefits of THC products, including the mild THC cannabinoid Delta-8. Innovative products including indica and sativa hybrids have opened up further options for medical marijuana patients.

Safety first
When it comes to packaging for medical marijuana products, safety comes first. Ask yourself the following questions in order to choose the safest packaging for your marijuana products:

Is the packaging child resistant, shatter-proof, and tamper-evident?
Does the packaging meet state-mandated compliance guidelines?
Is the packaging safe for the planet?

Your job as a supplier of medical marijuana is to provide secure packaging that lets patients enjoy the healing benefits of fresh, potent cannabinoid treatments worry-free.

Since many states have specific compliance guidelines for packaging marijuana products, consult your state’s laws before choosing your packaging. You can also reach out to us at Earthwise Packaging for input on your options.

Earthwise Packaging offers secure medical marijuana packaging made with carbon neutral plastic. All of our sustainable plastic material is:

Airtight, watertight, and odor-tight
Lightweight, stiff, and shatter-proof
FDA approved
ASTM certified
Pharmaceutical grade
Food-contact compliant

Our recyclable and compostable bottles, jars, and vials are available with:

Child-resistant snap-caps or screw caps
Tamper-evident foil seals
Integral double seals
UV-blocking additive for freshness
Promote packaging and materials made in the USA

We have chosen some of today’s most cutting-edge bioplastic materials for our line of sustainable plastic containers, including:

Renewable resource-based bioplastic potato resin, sugarcane, and hemp containers
Lightweight polypropylene (50% less total material than conventional plastic) containers
BioMax™ plastic (98% less petroleum usage than conventional plastic) containers
BioPlus™ plastic (50% less petroleum usage than conventional plastic) containers

Packaging options
Here at Earthwise Packaging, we understand the needs of the medical marijuana business. With over thirty years of experience producing plastic packaging at our factory in California, we have seen the business evolve over time.

Let us help you source the perfect packaging for your medical marijuana needs, including recyclable and biodegradable jars, vials, tubes, and bottles available in 120 sizes and five colors.

Our jars vary in capacity, from small 5ml-7ml containers perfect for concentrate up to eighth (1/8) ounce stash jars. Choose our jars for:

Topical treatments

Our recyclable and biodegradable vials are available in a variety of widths and heights, making them ideal for joints and carts. Our biodegradable pre roll tubes can hold single or multiple joints or vape cartridges. Some of our popular containers include 116mm pre roll tubes, 98mm pre roll tubes, and 114mm wide pre roll tubes.

Consider our vials and tubes for:

Pre roll joints
Vaporizer cartridges

Earthwise Packaging also specializes in a wide range of Rx bottles perfect for flower, including 9 dram (1 gram), 11 dram (1.5 gram), and 30 dram (7 gram) capacities. Our line also includes small bottles ideal for:

Topical treatments

Get a quote
Make the switch from conventional plastic to eco-friendly plastic with medical marijuana packaging from Earthwise Packaging. Contact us today to talk about our affordable, sustainable custom packaging for your marijuana products.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.

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