Plant-Based, Carbon Neutral Packaging

Earthwise Packaging brings the world into the next generation of packaging with our plant-based BioMax™ material, a carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel plastics.

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Renewably Sourced.
Carbon Neutral Jars

Fossil fuel plastics, meet plant-based. Technology has surpassed the need for plastics made from non-renewable resources. Plant-based containers are made from resources that can be sustainably grown and harvested for use.

Our vision

Eco-Friendly Production

Earthwise Packaging believes efficiency is the way to benefit everyone and it’s the main focus when we create and distribute our products. We are reducing the amount of carbon needed to create a container. It’s as simple as that.

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Work with Earthwise Packaging

We want to be your partner. You have a lot of options when it comes to your brand but when you choose Earthwise Packaging, you’re not just getting bottles or jars but all of the efforts we put towards leading the way to a brighter future.

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