Why Earthwise Packaging?

Earthwise Packaging Products and Branding Services

Biomax™ Screw-Top Jars

Plant-based screw top jars made from renewable, carbon reducing material in over a hundred different sizes.

Screw-Top Jars

We offer a wide range of regular plastic Screw Top Jars in over a hundred sizes to suit a variety of packaging needs. 

Hinged-Lids Containers

Small flip-lid containers that possess an attached living-hinge. Hang-tab containers also available.

Shrink Sleeve Applicators

The SST instantly applies a shrink sleeve label in seconds to any container using the power steam.

Custom Shrink Sleeves

Custom shrink sleeve and hang-tab label design and printing services for all types of containers.

Induction Sealers

Sale!  The Induction Foil Sealing machine is an electromagnetic sealer made to adhere foil seals to the tops of plastic containers.

Sample Boxes

Request samples to easily discover the ideal packaging solutions for your specific needs.

Plants 2 Plastic

Blog and informational resource on sustainable material alternatives in the packaging industry.

Caps and Plugs USA

Injection-molded caps and plugs provide the perfect cover for protection, piping, or delicate instruments.

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Sustainable Packaging for a Brighter Future

Earthwise Packaging brings the world into the next generation of packaging with our plant-based BioMax™ material, a carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel plastics.

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Proudly Made in USA

All of our packaging is proudly manufactured in the USA, reflecting our dedication to supporting domestic production and ensuring top-quality, reliable solutions for our customers.

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Factory-Direct Packaging

When you choose our factory-direct approach, you bypass intermediaries, enabling you to enjoy competitive pricing, outstanding quality, and a seamless customer experience directly from the source.

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