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What is BioMax™ ?

A plant-based, renewable HDPE designed to replace fossil fuel derived plastics. This eco-friendly alternative has all of the characteristics of traditional plastics without the carbon footprint.

How is BioMax™ Made?

Our material starts off as stalks of sugarcane native to Brazil. Sugarcane grows rapidly in this area and is regrown just as quickly. Once the sugarcane is harvested, the sugar is extracted. This sugar is then converted into ethanol. Finally, the ethanol is then converted into HDPE. It’s as simple as that.

Renewable and Sustainably Sourced

Traditional plastics have been made out of fossil fuels for decades. BioMax™ is a HDPE material made from sugar. BioMax™ is near carbon neutral and serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuel plastics. Since the material is derived from the sugarcane plant, it makes the bioplastic renewable and sustainable.

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