Carbon Neutrality

Our mission is to deliver quality plant-based plastic products that help in preserving Earth’s natural resources to the greatest extent possible.

Sustainability Guidelines

Code Of Sustainable Conduct

Earthwise Packaging™ upholds high standards in sustainability, customer satisfaction, and product functionality. We design and manufacture quality bio-based plastics that safeguard raw materials while meeting our customer’s unique and evolving needs.


Preserve Earth’s Natural Materials

We make every decision at Earthwise Packaging™ with the Earth in mind. Our company sources raw materials from our partner, Braskem. Our plastic containers are created from the bio-fuel called I’m Green Polyethylene™ which is formulated from sugarcane plants. This biofuel helps us to preserve dwindling resources and produce eco-friendly plastics rather than conventional fossil fuel-based containers.

How we work

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Earthwise Packaging has worked in the packaging industry for many years and knew we needed an alternative to traditional plastics. From this recognition, we changed the raw material of our containers; and are now producing eco-friendly plastics with a near net-zero carbon footprint.

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Carbon Neutrality and the Earthwise Packaging Movement

We thoroughly understand the impacts of plastic waste on the air, land, and sea. To mitigate plastic waste, our company invests in educating our stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, and the community about the value of waste management.

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