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“Nail Care”

With the growing popularity of UV gels, rhinestones, and holographic effects, nail art is breaking new ground like never before. The variety of products related to nail care is expanding rapidly, creating a demand for eco-friendly jars that meet the needs of nail artists and manicurists while promising a carbon reduced footprint.

Nail care packaging has moved beyond traditional nail polish bottles with brush caps. Recyclable and biodegradable containers, such as wide-mouth jars and BioPolymer bottles, are now essential items for every manicurist’s table.

Earthwise Packaging offers renewable potato resin, renewable sugarcane plastic, lightweight polyethylene, and hemp packaging in 120 sizes and five colors, including clear. Our jars are perfect for dipping powders and crystal powders, while our bottles work well for cuticle oil and acetone.

All of our packaging options are airtight, watertight, and odor-tight. They feature FDA approval and ASTM certification and come with your choice of screw-top caps or child resistant snap-caps. Plus, we make all of our containers here in the USA at our factory in California, which means quick fulfillment and delivery of your orders.

We can help you find the perfect environmentally and socially responsible containers for your nail care products, including:

Base coat
Crystal powders
Cuticle oil
Cuticle remover
Cuticle serum
Cuticle treatment
Dipping powders
Fungus treatment
Growth treatment
Nail biting deterrent
Nail glue
Nail hardener
Nail polish remover
Nail recovery treatment
Nail strengthener
Nail scrub
Ridge filler
Strengthening creams
UV gels

Let us help you source sustainable packaging for your nail care products. Promote packaging and materials made in the USA. Contact Earthwise Packaging online or call 714-602-2169 to set up a consultation with one of our sustainable packaging representatives today.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.