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“Ad Specialties and Novelties”

Do you manufacture promotional ad specialties and novelties? Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by packaging your items in containers from Earthwise Packaging.

Earthwise Packaging specializes in biobased polyethylene and plastic-alternative packaging. Choose our sustainable packaging to enhance your eco-conscious branding. We offer containers in over 120 sizes, five colors, and earth-friendly materials, such as:

Renewable resource-based bioplastic from hemp, sugarcane and potato resin
Made in the USA form USDA renewable bio based plastics
Lightweight polypropylene (50% less total material than conventional plastic)
BioMax™ plastic (98% less petroleum usage than conventional plastic)
BioPlus™ plastic (50% less petroleum usage than conventional plastic)

We can customize packaging to meet your needs, including bottles with child resistant snap-caps, easy-open wide-mouth screw-top jars, and containers with tamper-evident foil seals. Reach out to us if you manufacture ad specialties and novelties in:

Die casting
Injection molding

Our recyclable and biodegradable packaging is ideal for all types of customized, promotional items, including:

Ballpoint pens
Bracelets and wristbands
Enamel lapel pins
Hand sanitizer carabiners
…and more!

Earthwise Packaging has been producing environmentally-responsible plastic containers at our factory in California for over 30 years. We have the experience to meet your ad specialties and novelties packaging needs.

To learn more and get a quote, just complete our contact form online or call 714-602-2169.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.

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