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High-end skincare products often require specialized packaging. Today’s skincare trends offer diverse formulas and textures, which means that not just any container will do. As a maker of small-batch or niche skincare, you need plastic packaging that meets these specifications while being attractive and affordable.

If your skincare brand emphasizes sustainability and all-natural or organic ingredients, then you have to take the goal of a carbon reduced footprint into consideration, too.

For over 30 years, Earthwise Packaging has been helping skincare brands source quality containers that preserve the environment as well as the product within. We choose only the most earth-friendly, socially-responsible material for our packaging, including sugarcane, potato resin, and hemp plastic.

All of our recyclable and biodegradable vials, jars, and bottles are made of super-stiff, lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic. Our products are airtight, watertight, and odor-tight. They feature:

Easy-open screw-top caps
Child resistant snap-caps
Tamper-evident foil seals
Additives to block up to 100% of UV light
FDA approval and ASMT certification
Pharmaceutical/medical grade
120 sizes and five colors, including clear
Made in the USA

Packaging options
Products for facial and body care vary in composition. However, most include ingredients that are vulnerable to light and oxygen exposure. Earthwise Packaging’s lightweight polyethylene, sugarcane, potato, and hemp bottles and jars have been designed to address these issues.

Our airtight, integral double seal caps lock out humidity that can spoil your product. Our colored containers come with an optional UV-blocking additive, which is vital for products containing antioxidants such as Vitamin C and retinol.

Select our recyclable and biodegradable jars for skincare products with a thick consistency. Our wide-mouth style jars allow easy access, whether with a cosmetic spatula in our small ½, ¾, 1, and 2 ounce jars or fingertips in our larger capacity jars. Try our jars for:

Clay masks
Dry skin lotion
Exfoliant scrub
Oxygenating cream
Polypeptide cream
Under Eye circle/Dark eye shadows treatment

Our recyclable and compostable bottles are the ideal containers for skincare products such as:

Acne treatment gel
Facial wash
Hydrating treatments
Hyaluronic acid peel
Spot treatments

Contact us
Want to learn more about sourcing factory-direct eco-friendly packaging? We love creating custom packaging to meet our clients’ unique skincare product needs. Promote packaging and materials made in the USA. Reach out to Earthwise Packaging online or call 714-602-2169 to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.