Food Products

Food Products

Finding the perfect packaging for your line of food products can be challenging. In addition to being cost-effective and attractive, food containers must safely preserve the product’s flavor, texture, and aroma. In many cases, food packaging must comply with certain health regulations as well.

Earthwise Packaging understands these challenges, including the particular requirements for fresh or frozen foods, beverages, and condiments.

We are here to help you select socially responsible packaging that will:

Protect your product from spoilage and tampering
Maximize your product’s shelf life
Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and shipping costs
Enhance your brand with customizable options
Promote packaging materials made in the USA

All of Earthwise Packaging’s products are made from food-grade, FDA-approved material. Our recyclable jars are airtight, watertight, odor-tight, and BPA-free.

Tamper-resistant foil seals keep your product fresh and safe. We offer child-resistant snap-caps as well as our popular easy-open screw-top caps.

Maximize shelf life
With over 30 years of experience in sustainable food packaging solutions, Earthwise Packaging has perfected the art of preserving your product’s quality despite unexpected or uncontrollable conditions.

Our airtight jars resist humidity fluctuations to preserve your product’s texture and consistency, and a special additive in our colored plastic blocks 100% of UV light.

Strong and earth-friendly
Our exclusive lightweight eco-friendly jars are specially designed to be stiffer and lighter than typical plastic jars. Our unique plastic material allows us to produce super-strong containers that use 30%-50% less plastic than our competitors’ packaging.

Lighter, stronger plastic reduces the likelihood of cracking and shattering, which are common issues with glass and low-quality plastic. Plus, lighter packaging helps you save money on shipping costs—while reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Earthwise Packaging offers customizable, recyclable containers, jars, and vials that align with your product needs and enhance your brand. Our jars are made in the USA and available in 120 sizes and five colors, including clear.

We also provide choices when it comes to eco-conscious plastic material and biodegradable containers, including:

Renewable resource-based bioplastic from hemp, sugarcane and potato resin
Lightweight polypropylene (50% less total material than conventional plastic)
BioMax™ plastic (98% less petroleum usage than conventional plastic)
BioPlus™ plastic (50% less petroleum usage than conventional plastic)

To learn which Earthwise Packaging renewable bioplastic options work best for your food products, reach out to us online today.

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