“Air Fresheners”

Are you in the business of home fragrance and air fresheners? The niche home fragrance and air freshener market has grown exponentially in recent years. What sets today’s air fresheners apart from those of the past is a focus on sustainable, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients and packaging.

Promote your earth-conscious home fragrance brand with compostable, recyclable vegan packaging. Earthwise Packaging offers sugarcane, potato resin, and hemp containers for your line of air fresheners and related products. Made in the USA from USDA certified renewable bioplastic.

Ideal for all types of air fresheners, our containers feature:

Integral double seals to lock in freshness and fragrance potency
Odor-tight, watertight, and airtight lids
FDA approved, ASTM certified, BPA-free material
Choice of 120 sizes and five colors, including clear
Optional UV blocking additive for colored containers
Optional tamper-evident foil seals for maximum shelf-life

When it comes to air fresheners, size matters. Our line of recyclable and biodegradable containers is available in 120 sizes, starting as small as ½ ounce. This means that you can choose the perfect size for your product, including offering variety packs of smaller containers.

With many types of air fresheners and home fragrances, reducing air exposure is key. Our wide range of eco-friendly jars allows you to minimize empty space in the packaging, helping to preserve your product’s long-term freshness. Plus, our ultra-durable, shatter-resistant material and reclosable lids offer superb scent protection both before and after purchase.

Choose our recyclable and biodegradable jars for all your air freshener and home fragrance needs– including scents for the bathroom, bedroom, and car– such as:

Air purifiers
Charcoal-based air fresheners
Essential oil-based air fresheners
Fragrance oil
Gel beads
Odor eliminators
Reed diffusers
Wax melts

Contact Earthwise Packaging to talk with a representative about sustainable packaging for your line of air fresheners and home fragrances. Be sure to ask about our essential oil-tolerant sugarcane containers and other customized packaging for air fresheners. Use our online contact form or call 714-602-2169 to learn more.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.

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