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Earthwise Packaging 

These herbal chew cans are containers most familiar with chewing tobacco containers. This renewable plastic chew jar is made out of our sugarcane derived, PET material that is BPA-free and FDA approved to store anything from flower, edibles, or even shredded beef jerky chew safely. These tobacco chew, 2 ounce tins are also great for tobacco alternatives. You can store gum, mints, and non-tobacco snuff. We’ve had coffee pouches stored in these before and has recently become popular for fishing bait. This plastic chew jar is made in the USA and we offer custom label services if needed.

Why Sustainable / Renewable Packaging

These containers are made from a sustainable, plant based substance derived from sugarcane we call our BioMax™ material. This is a renewable HDPE bioplastic. The HDPE is processed from the ethanol extracted and converted from the sugar in sugarcane stalks. The production of our sugarcane material is about 97% carbon neutral, and swallows an amount of CO2 per kilogram of material. One other benefit of these containers is that they are 100% recyclable and can be fed into the material cycle together with other HDPE materials as it is classified as a #2 recyclable.

Why Earthwise Packaging – Made in USA

Earthwise Packaging jars are made from a sustainable, renewable, sugarcane plastic that is great for brands that wish to distinguish themselves as leaders in environmental consciousness. We carry the most popular sizes for everything from hair care products, to food and candy. All of our jars and containers are made in the USA right here in Southern California so you know you’re shopping right next door.