Branding Nutraceutical Products in Sustainable Plastic Jars with Shrink Sleeve Labels

The global demographic is changing. In fact, the eldest millennials have reached middle age. Gen Z is already graduating college and starting families of their own. However, there are a few things that haven’t changed. Both generations are environmentally conscious and more concerned with their holistic health than their parents or their grandparents ever were. 

What was once thought to be a trend has actually gained increased traction in recent years. The demand for products that promise improved wellness in a sustainable package continues to increase exponentially. Nutraceuticals alone are expected to double within the next ten years. However, if you want to stay relevant in this highly competitive market, then you are going to have to invest in both your product and your packaging. 

Investigating Trends in Nutraceutical Packaging

Dietary supplements and herbs are more than just a moment in your average customer’s day. They are indicators of a lifestyle that your customer wants to take part in. Health product packaging has to represent that lifestyle if it is going to be effective. That means the product, the branding, and the nutraceutical container all have to indicate the value of wellness to the consumer. 

How Can Packaging Communicate Wellness?

Wellness is a holistic concept that applies to the individual as well as their environment. As much as this lifestyle focuses on the individual, it fundamentally recognizes the connection between all living things. As a result, communicating wellness is easy enough as long as your packaging emphasizes an affinity for the natural world. By purchasing packaging products made in the USA with sustainable materials you can emphasize your company’s commitment to health, wellness, and sustainable practices. 

What is Involved in Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging starts with the right plastic. Market research shows that consumers prefer plastic single-dose packaging for their nutraceuticals, so it’s really important that the plastic is made as responsibly as possible. Some plastic products can be manufactured while producing 70% less CO2 gas, which contributes to the fight against climate change. Of course, your sustainable choices may not be immediately obvious to your consumers, so you’ll have to tell them about it on the package itself.

Shrink sleeves are ideal for this kind of project. A problem within the recycling system is that the containers need to be clean of any adhesives or foreign substances to be recycled in the first place. This is more difficult to achieve when a sticker adhesive label is applied. Shrink sleeve labels help to fix this problem. These labels are often easier to remove cleanly and in some cases can be recycled with them on the container. This choice for branding, because it offers coverage, damage resistance, and additional safety features at a low cost. United, these features allow shrink sleeves to communicate your brand’s identity in a memorable fashion without skimping on the information.

Getting Sustainable Packaging for Nutraceutical Packaging

By purchasing your nutraceutical jars and shrink sleeves wholesale you can provide the quality that your consumers expect for a fraction of the cost. For small-scale manufacturers, these cost-saving measures can be taken a step further by purchasing a shrink sleeve labeling machine. Ultimately, by choosing cost-effective and environmentally conscious products, you’ll be showing your consumers that your company acts on the principles represented by your product.

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