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Plant-Based Jars for Body Creams


These screw cap jars are medical grade and air-tight making them perfect for body creams and lotions.

Environmentally Friendly Jars for Moisturizers


High quality facial moisturizers are great with these jars because of their small portion size.

Eco-friendly Containers for Lotions, Creams, and Moisturizers

If you are a manufacturer of creams or lotions, you understand the research and care that goes into creating quality products. Part of that care also goes into choosing the right packaging for those products. Different jars and containers can have a positive or negative effect on the product as a whole. This can be anything from how well the jar preserves a product, how aesthetically pleasing it is to look at, and the environmental implications of it.

Why Sustainable / Renewable Packaging

These containers are made from a sustainable, plant based substance derived from sugarcane we call our BioMax™ material. This is a renewable HDPE bioplastic. The HDPE is processed from the ethanol extracted and converted from the sugar in sugarcane stalks. The production of our sugarcane material is about 97% carbon neutral, and swallows an amount of CO2 per kilogram of material. One other benefit of these containers is that they are 100% recyclable and can be fed into the material cycle together with other HDPE materials as it is classified as a #2 recyclable.

Why Earthwise Packaging – Made in USA

Earthwise packaging has containers and jars in over a hundred different sizes for moisturizers. Our jars are made from a sustainable, renewable, sugarcane plastic that is great for brands that wish to distinguish themselves as leaders in environmental consciousness. We carry the most popular sizes for everything from hand lotion, to petroleum jelly. We even have containers that come with foil sealed lids to maintain product freshness and show tamper evidence if necessary.