Preserve your cannabis flower at the height of freshness with eco-friendly jars, dram bottles, and vials from Earthwise Packaging. Made with your choice of potato resin, sugarcane, hemp, or lightweight polypropylene plastic, our flower and bud containers are perfect for your marijuana products.

Safe and fresh
Earthwise Packaging’s containers are ultra-safe, meeting state compliance standards across the nation. All of our containers are:

ASTM D3475 and FDA certified
BPA free and food contact compliant
Medical/pharmaceutical grade
Available with child resistant pop tops
Available with tamper-evident foil seals

In addition to being secure flower packaging options, our recyclable and biodegradable containers provide you with a wide variety of size and color options. Earthwise Packaging offers your choice of five opaque and translucent colors and 120 sizes.

Our sizes start as small as 1ml containers for concentrate. Some of our most popular sizes include 9 dram (1 gram), 11 dram (1.5 gram), and 30 dram (7 gram) capacities, as well as classic 1/8 ounce stash jars. With dozens of sizes and styles to choose from, though, you have the freedom to pick the perfect container for your needs and specifications.

Container size can make a huge difference in preserving trichomes, terpenes, and overall flower freshness. A container that fits the bud closely, without leaving too much empty space inside, should be the goal. Our wide-ranging line of plastic-alternative packaging allows you to pick a dram bottle or other container that fits your flower perfectly.

Earthwise Packaging’s dram bottles and vials go even further to assure that your flower will retain its potency and aroma. Our containers are:

Airtight, odor-tight, and watertight
Humidity and moisture resistant
Available with a special UV blocking additive
Available with integral double seals
Available with screw top or snap-cap/pop top lids

Show your customers that you are passionate about the earth and flower freshness by choosing renewable bioplastic polyethylene biodegradable vials, bottles, and jars from Earthwise Packaging.

Order samples
To experience carbon neutral flower packaging, contact Earthwise Packaging online or call 714-602-2169 to order a sample pack. And do not forget to ask about our custom printed shrink sleeves and shrink sleeve labeling machines for the ultimate in branding, safety, and compliance.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.

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