Nothing beats samples when it comes to promoting your beauty and personal care products. Draw attention to your brand and generate leads by offering free products in cute, eye-catching jars and bottles.

If you sell all-natural or organic small-batch cosmetics or similar products, then you need sample size packaging that emphasizes your eco-friendly values. Earthwise Packaging offers tiny bottles and jars (starting at ½ ounce) for small portions of makeup, hair care products, and even food.

Earthwise Packaging’s zero-waste containers use the most environmentally responsible plastic available today. Our recyclable and biodegradable packaging is manufactured with your choice of:

sugarcane plastic
hemp plastic
potato resin plastic
ultra-lightweight polyethylene

We put safety first, making our sample size jars and bottles the perfect choice for sending a positive message about your brand. All of our containers are:

FDA approved, BPA-free, and ASTM certified
Made with medical and pharmaceutical grade material
Food-contact compliant
Airtight, watertight, and odor-tight
Available with tamper-evident foil seals
Offered with child-resistant snap-cap options
Made in the USA

To learn more about sourcing carbon neutral packaging for your product samples, call Earthwise Packaging at 714-602-2169. You can also schedule a consultation through our website.

Earthwise Packaging has been in the eco-friendly plastic business for over 30 years. Let us put our experience to work for you with our American-made sample containers.

All Earthwise Packaging containers are made with 30%- 50% less plastic material than numerous comparable products. Our products are available in material options delivering up to a 98% reduction in the use of non-renewable petroleum products.

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